Getting Started

Windi CSS is a next-generation utility-first CSS framework.

If you are already familiar with Tailwind CSS, think about Windi CSS as an on-demand alternative to Tailwind, which provides faster load times, full compatibility with Tailwind v2.0, and a bunch of additional cool features.

Why Windi CSS?

A quote from the author should illustrate his motivation to create Windi CSS:

When my project became larger and there were about dozens of components, the initial compilation time reached 3s, and hot updates took more than 1s with Tailwind CSS. - @voorjaar

By scanning your HTML and CSS and generating utilities on-demand, Windi CSS is able to provide faster load times and a speedy HMR in development, and does not require purging in production.

Basic Usage

All utilities of Tailwind CSS are supported in Windi CSS without any extra configuration.

You can use utility classes in your components and stylesheets as usual:

<div class="py-8 px-8 max-w-sm mx-auto bg-white rounded-xl shadow-md space-y-2 sm:(py-4 flex items-center space-y-0 space-x-6)">
  <img class="block mx-auto h-24 rounded-full sm:(mx-0 flex-shrink-0)" src="/img/erin-lindford.jpg" alt="Woman's Face" />
  <div class="text-center space-y-2 sm:text-left">
    <div class="space-y-0.5">
      <p class="text-lg text-black font-semibold">Erin Lindford</p>
      <p class="text-gray-500 font-medium">Product Engineer</p>
    <button class="px-4 py-1 text-sm text-purple-600 font-semibold rounded-full border border-purple-200 hover:(text-white bg-purple-600 border-transparent) focus:(outline-none ring-2 ring-purple-600 ring-offset-2)">

Only the utilities you use will generate the corresponding CSS.


We provide first-class integrations for your favorite tools with the best developer experience on each one of them. See the integration guides to get started!


Windi CSS offers some great features in addition to everything that's included in Tailwind CSS v2. Refer to the next chapter for more details.

Windi CSS is Sunsetting We recommend new projects to consider alternatives. Click for more information.