Windi CSS is fully compatible with Tailwind CSS v2. On top of that, we have many additional features that boost your workflow further and open up much more possibilities.

Value Auto-infer

Use arbitrary values in your classes and generate corresponding styles.

<!-- sizes and positions -->
<div class="p-5px mt-[0.3px]"></div>

<!-- colors -->
<button class="bg-hex-b2a8bb"></button>
<button class="bg-[hsl(211.7,81.9%,69.6%)]"></button>

<!-- grid template -->
<div class="grid-cols-[auto,1fr,30px]"></div>

Variant Groups

Apply utilities for the same variant by grouping them with parenthesis.

<div class="bg-white dark:hover:(bg-gray-800 font-medium text-white)"/>
<div class="bg-white dark:hover:bg-gray-800 dark:hover:font-medium dark:hover:text-white"/>

Responsive Design

Extended responsive breakpoints control.

<div class="p-1 md:p-2 <lg:p-3"></div>

Important Prefix

Prefix any utility classes with ! to make them as !important.

<div class="text-red-400 !text-green-300">Green</div>


Create components and utilities quickly and reusable.

export default {
  theme: {
    /* ... */
  shortcuts: {
    'btn': 'py-2 px-4 font-semibold rounded-lg shadow-md',
    'btn-green': 'text-white bg-green-500 hover:bg-green-700',
<div class="btn hover:btn-green"></div>

Dark Mode

<div class="text-black dark:text-white"></div>


<div class="text-green-400 rtl:(text-red-400 text-right)"></div>


Tailwind-like @apply, @screen directives are fully supported.

.btn {
  @apply font-bold py-2 px-4 rounded;
.btn-blue {
  @apply bg-blue-500 hover:bg-blue-700 text-white;
  padding-top: 1rem;

Visual Analyzer

We provided a visual analyzer for you to have an overview of your utility usage and design system.