Visual Analyzer

An visual analyser tool for Windi CSS. Browse your utilities usages, have an overview of your design system, identify "bad practices", and more!

Get Started

Run the following command under your project root

npx windicss-analysis

The analysis report will be available at http://localhost:8113/


Or you can install locally to reuse the same version of your local windicss module

npm i -D windicss-analysis
  "scripts": {
    "analysis": "windicss-analysis"

VS Code Extension

From v0.8.0 of Windi CSS Intellisense, it has this analyser built-in.

  • Open a project using Windi CSS in VS Code
  • Open the Command Palette (⇧⌘P / Ctrl+Shift+P)
  • Run command: Windi CSS: Run & Open Analysis
  • See Analyser in the second editor column

Online Preview

You can have a preview the analysing report of the analyser itself

You can genreate your own report and host it statically by running the following command

npx windicss-analysis --html dist


It does not detect my files

You will need to configure the extract.include options in windi.config.js instead of your framework's configurations file so it can be understood by the analyzer so as other integrations support. For example:

import { defineConfig } from 'windicss/helpers'

export default defineConfig({
  extract: {
    include: [

Can I use the report for other tools?

Yes. You can get the raw json file via the CLI

npx windicss-analysis --json report.json

and process it as you need.

You can also have type support for it via:

import rawReport from './report.json'
import type { AnalysisReport } from 'windicss-analysis'

const report = rawReport as AnalysisReport

Programmatic Use?

Yes. Just like a normal Node package:

import { startServer } from 'windicss-analysis'

startServer({ /* ... */ })

Check out the type decrations for more APIs avaliable.