Adds styling utilities for scrollbars in Firefox and webkit-based browsers. This plugin is modified based on tailwind-scrollbar to adapt to Windi CSS.


npm install --save-dev @windicss/plugin-scrollbar

Add it to the plugins array of your Config File.

export default {
  theme: {
    // ...
  plugins: [
    // ...


NB: This plugin styles scrollbars; it does not force them to appear. Use typical CSS techniques to force content to overflow and trigger a scrollbar.

For every element that you want to style, add either the .scrollbar or .scrollbar-thin class. You may then add any scrollbar-track-{color}, scrollbar-thumb-{color} or hover:scrollbar-thumb-{color} classes you like. (Note that hover:scrollbar-thumb-{color} classes only have effects in webkit-based browsers.)

Here's a minimal example (keeping in mind that the h-32 and h-64 classes are just there to force the scrollbar to appear):

<div class="h-32 scrollbar scrollbar-thumb-gray-900 scrollbar-track-gray-100">
    <div class="h-64"></div>

A live version of this demo can be found here.

This plugin also capable of adding utilties for creating rounded scrollbars (by referencing your configured border radius settings). However, as they are only supported in Webkit-based browsers, their usage is inadvisable in cross-browser applications. To enable rounded scrollbar utilities, add 'rounded' to the list of scrollbar variants in your config file. This will add utilities such as scrollbar-thumb-rounded or scrollbar-thumb-rounded-md.

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