Windi CSS is a next generation compiler for Tailwind CSS.

If you are already familiar with Tailwind CSS, think about Windi CSS as an alternative to Tailwind, which provides faster load times, and supports all the features in Tailwind v2.0 and more.

If you are not familiar with Tailwind CSS, you can think of Windi CSS as a utility-first CSS library.

Why Windi CSS? 🤔

A quote from the author should illustrate his motivation to create Windi CSS:

When my project became larger and there were about dozens of components, the initial compilation time reached 3s, and hot updates took more than 1s.


By scanning your HTML and CSS and generating utilities on demand, Windi CSS is able to provide faster load times and a speedy HMR in development, and does not require purging in production.

Features ⚡️

Everything you know and love about Tailwind CSS, plus:

⚡️ Speed

It detects utilities and directives in your CSS, and process them on demand, which greatly improves the compilation speed. Windi only loads the CSS you use, no purging required!

🔌 Compatibility

Windi CSS supports Tailwind CSS configuration options, directives, and utilities.

😎 Auto-Inferred Variables and Variants

No need to configure custom variables like numbers, sizes, scores, and colors. Windi CSS will automatically generate them based on the class semantics.

For example, if you use p-3.2, it will become available and work as you would expect.

✅ Native Cross-Browser Support

The generated CSS for all utilities is already cross-browser compatible, so there is no need to use autoprefixer unless you want to.

And more!

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