New in Windi CSS

Discover new features in Windi CSS, in addition to all the great utilities in Tailwind CSS.

🎳 Utility Groups

You can apply several utilities for the same variant by grouping them with parenthesis.

<div class="bg-white font-light sm:hover:(bg-gray-100 font-medium)"/>

🖥 Screen Utilities

You can use + and - screen utilities, even for your custom screen sizes.

sm: @media (min-width:640px);
+sm: @media (min-width:640px) and (max-width:768px);
-sm: @media (max-width:640px);

🌓 More States and Light/Dark theme support

Windi CSS supports all CSS pseudo elements and pseudo classes.

Also, it adds @dark and @light classes based on prefers-color-scheme.

🤖 Auto-Inferred Variables and Variants

Since Windi CSS will only generate the CSS utilities you use, it's no longer necessary to configure custom variables like numbers, sizes, scores, and colors.

Windi CSS will automatically detect utilities, and generate them based on the appropriate semantics.

You can even pass in variable names, which is very useful in combination with css variables.


p-${float[0,...infinite]} -> padding: ${float/4}rem

p-2.5 -> padding: 0.625rem;
p-3.2 -> padding: 0.8rem;


// ${size} must end up with rem|em|px|vh|vw|ch|ex
p-${size} -> padding: ${size}

p-3px -> padding: 3px;
p-4rem -> padding: 4rem;


w-${fraction} -> width: ${fraction -> precent}

w-9/12 -> width: 75%;


bg-${color} -> background-color: rgba(...)

bg-gray-300 -> background-color: rgba(209, 213, 219, var(--tw-bg-opacity);

bg-hex-${hex} -> background-color: rgba(...)

bg-hex-1c1c1e -> background-color: rgba(28, 28, 30, var(--tw-bg-opacity));



.bg-$test-variable {
  --tw-bg-opacity: 1;
  background-color: rgba(var(--test-variable), var(--tw-bg-opacity));

How does it work? 🤔

Learn more about what makes this possible in the Modes page

And more!

svelte-windicss-preprocess adds additional features.