Command Line Interface ⌨️

You can install the CLI by running:

npm i -g windicss
  • Learn how to use it
windicss --help
  • Initialize a simple html project
windicss --init <project>
windicss --init <project> --compile
  • Compile to Tailwind CSS
windicss './**/*.html' -to tailwind.css
windicss './**/*.html' -mto tailwind.min.css
  • Transform Tailwind CSS to normal css file
windicss './**/*.html' -cto windi.css
windicss './**/*.html' -ts
windicss './**/*.html' -cts
  • Use a config file
windicss './**/*.html' -to windi.css -f windi.config.js
windicss './**/*.html' -ctsf windi.config.js